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The 2015 hunting season is in full swing. Read more about our leopard and other success stories from our hunters whose safaris took place during the past two months.
PH Louis Pansegrouw was in charge of repeat client, Duane's, Mozambique Niassa reserve leopard hunt. Whilst trail-cameras kept watch over the baits, Duane got himself a magnificent Böhm's zebra stallion. Several baits were hit by lions and leopards that weren’t old and big enough. On day 8, a big old tom fed and a blind was builtLouis & Duane were into the blind early afternoon and their perseverance paid off. It was still daylight, when the leopard came to feed. Duane took aim... BANG!
The leopard took flight in a flash. A few drops of blood were found but the cat was gone. Duane was devastated!  It turns out the bullet had been deflected by a branch and had barely nicked the front leg of the cat.
Later that evening, and again the next morning, the very same leopard came back to feed on the bait.  This is a sign of the low hunting pressure on the cats and all the species in these strictly controlled hunting blocks. Duane & Louis were ready when the tom returned the following morning and this time the bullet was perfectly placed and Duane got what he came for!  A happy ending and yet another happy Chapungu-Kambako Safaris client!
After Duane’s hunt, we welcomed Bill and Betty to Kambako Camp. Needless to say, with a 100% success rate and good specimens of all the trophies they booked, they had a fabulous 13-day safari. Their previous hunt in Africa was about 15 years ago and this was their first hunt with Chapungu-Kambako Safaris in Mozambique.

PH, Ryan Cliffe, guided them. After long days of hard work, Bill shot a leopard at first light on the morning of the seventh day of his safari. “It's definitely far more exciting to see the leopard through the telescope’s crosshairs without the aid of an artificial light.” Bill said.

Betty shot an old 12" warthog. She also took a kudu of a lifetime (59 1/2") off the sticks at an impressive 170 yards. Other animals taken by the couple were sable, waterbuck and zebra.
Chad, a good friend and return client, arrived on the first of May in Namibia with his eyes set on a big tom. Herman Coetzee and Uys Schickerling were his PH’s. On day seven of his 14-day hunt, his luck turned when a big leopard hit the bait. This was Chad’s first leopard hunt. Chad made the perfect shot and celebrations lasted well into the night. Chad also added a superb 3 7/8” Damara dik‐dik and Burchell’s zebra to his trophies.
Here is what Chad had to say on his leopard hunt:  “I really owe a huge high five and handshake to all my Namibian friends at Chupungu-Kambako Safaris for my recent 14 day leopard hunt. My good friend and PH Herman Coetzee is an amazing hunter and a proper gentleman that is rare in today's time. I have always had the best times in the hunting fields with Herman. I owe a huge thank you to Uys, Pieter, and Louis for all their hard work and dedication they gave me on a 1st class safari! I felt like a VIP with all the attention and devotion you guys extended to me for the length of my safari.

The amount of planning, coordinating, and executing a trip of this magnitude in just 5 months takes a very experienced team of professionals from top to bottom and I owe everyone at Chapungu-Kambako Safaris all the credit! You guys make it look easy and I feel that you have the best value in hunting in all of Africa!

Herman, my bags are packed and I shall see you again very soon…”
Thanks for the kind words and your loyal support Chad! See you on your Buffalo hunt in Zimbabwe in August!
Mike arrived in Namibia at short notice, to help a community out with a problem. A lion was pestering the Caprivi villagers’ cattle.  However, by the time he got to Namibia, the problem lion had left without a trace. After a long night’s baiting and reminiscing which dangerous game is the toughest to hunt, PH Louis Kotze suggested a change in plans. 
In Mike’s own words: “I have been on four leopard hunts in three countries without success. Anyone who tells you leopard hunts are fun hasn't hunted over 60 days and nights, smell guts in the truck, built numerous blinds and try to stay awake all night. Louis told me he had only one previous leopard hunter that went home without a cat, so I figured I would be number 2 with my luck. I now know why his success record is so good. Louis is an animal. He goes above and beyond and if you can keep up with him, you will be successful. Between lady luck and all my wife's prayers, I got a great leopard the next to last day. Thanks to all the staff at Chapungu-Kambako Safaris, for ending my bad luck. It took 65 days to get my cat, over 400 hours sitting in a plastic chair. Would I have done it any other way, HELL YEAH!”
Chapungu-Kambako’s good fortune with leopard continued - Bobby also got his cat. Bobby hunted with Nicolai Raubenheimer in South Africa before but this year he had his sights set on completing his Big 5. Bobby and Nicolai started their 14-day safari in South Africa and then moved over to Namibia. Long hard days and nights of baiting followed, which finally paid of when he took his leopard.  Bobby also shot a nice Damara dik-dik. The last few days were spent in the Caprivi, looking for a non-trophy elephant which he also successfully added to his trophy list. 
Sergey, Helena and Ivan arrived on a very cold Tuesday evening and headed off to our Namibian flagship ranch, Lindenhof. After three full hunting days, they had 15 animals, including a jackal, a majestic sable bull, and even a giraffe, in the salt. Sergey is an exceptional marksman and most of his trophies were single shot kills. After the safari, the family went to the coastal town of Swakopmund with its old-World charm, where they enjoyed some fishing and quad biking through the Namib dunes. It was a privilege getting to know them and we are looking forward to their next hunting vacation with us.
It is always a pleasure to welcome old friends and their families back to Africa! The excited family joined PH, Pieter de Lange on a hunt at Lindenhof Ranch, Camel Thorn Lodge and South Camp Lodge. It was Maison’s (7) and Reagan’s (9) first big antelope hunt, and let me tell you, those kids can shoot!
Reagan’s first trophy was a very nice impala ram, which she shot off the sticks at 150 yards. Sonja, Jeff’s wife, bagged herself a beautiful red hartebeest after a very long stalk. Maison had a bit of a problem: The grass was taller than him! Nonetheless, the young man shot a lovely old waterbuck. Jeff took a nice warthog and black wildebeest on the first day.

Other trophies taken by the Leary’s were springbuck, impala, oryx, duiker, zebra and kudu. Jeff not only went after a nice sable bull but also joined the rest of the family for sand grouse.  This was pure bliss as the birds came in by the hundreds. We can’t wait for them to return! 
What makes our camps and lodges so popular, is the fact that it is ideal for family holidays. Bruce, his wife Rochelle and kids Sara (12) and Ryan (8) joined PH, Louis Kotze on a visit to Namibia. Bruce is a taxidermist from Utah and this was his first African safari.  Needless to say, he couldn’t wait to finally see the animals in their natural habitat that he has been mounting for years. Young Ryan was adamant: He wants to start hunting straight away. He could name every specie we came across or that was mounted on the walls of Lindenhof. Sara wanted a giraffe and with patience and tenacity this young lady harvested a beautiful bull with just one shot! Other trophies taken by the family were kudu, blesbuck, eland, oryx, warthog, Burchell’s and Hartmann’s zebra plus blue and black wildebeest. Bruce got himself a nice red hartebeest and two jackals. Truly a great way to spend quality time with your family!
Chris and Ed, return clients and friends of Jumbo Moore, came on their first Kalahari Oryx safari for 10 days. Nicolai Raubenheimer and Philip Spangenberg were these two guys’ professional hunters. Chris managed to take an eland, kudu and roan trophies. Ed in turn, shot a nice buffalo plus an eland, oryx and a red hartebeest. The PH’s treated the clients to an exciting warthog hunt and they took 11 hogs in total. Here is what they had to say about hunting the red dunes of the Kalahari: 
“I have hunted Africa several times and anyone who would not consider Kalahari Oryx for their next destination would be foolish. I must tell you - this place has it all. Incredible people, incredible atmosphere, incredible food and one of the most rewarding dangerous game experiences you could ever ask for. I cannot say enough good things about this sprawling 212,000 acre private reserve.” – Chris
“I have just returned home from an unbelievable Safari with Chapungu- Kambako Safaris at the Kalahari Oryx Preserve.  Yes the 40” Cape buffalo as well as gold medal red hartebeest, eland and oryx taken tends to put my excitement a little over the edge. The staff that Jumbo Moore and Jacques Hartzenberg have put together at this location is second to none. I have had the opportunity to hunt in Africa on five different occasions with no bad safaris but also none that compared to the quality of this hunt. The only thing that limited this hunt was my own personal pocket book. The variety and quality of animals far exceeded my expectations. I would like to personally thank Philip Spangenberg my PH on this safari for taking the time to judge, help locate and put me in position to take my trophies. I will without fail hunt with this operation again in the future in another location. Thank you, God bless all my new friends with Chapungu-Kambako Safaris.” - Ed
The recent trip with Dan & Tammy in Zimbabwe was surely one for the record books. Jacques Hartzenberg was their PH in Tsholotsho South. The safari started off with 2 magnificent old elephant bulls hunted by husband and wife on the same day! What made it all the more special, is the fact that one bull pulled the scales over 60lbs and the other over 70lbs. Both managed to get good crocodiles, also on the same day. Hats off to Dan and Tammy – you make a formidable team!  Last but not least, Dan shot a beautiful male leopard on the last day of the trip, ending their safari on a high note.
We have conducted three safaris at Kazuma to date this season, with a 100% success rate on three buffalos, two sables and a variety of plains game. There is a big male leopard frequenting the camp and elephant activity is phenomenal, as always.  It is still relatively early in the season but the current elephant movement holds the promise of some above average tuskers.  We still have a tag or two left so if there is anyone out there that has not booked their elephant safari, now is the time to do so.
Look out for Under Wild Skies tv-personality - Tony Makris - as he joins Chapungu-Kambako Safaris in a hunt for the dangerous foes of Africa during August 2015.
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