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Professional Hunter Jacques Hartzenberg started hunting in 1996. Jacques established Chapungu Safaris Africa (CSA) in South Africa in 2000. Jacques gained an enormous amount of hunting- as well as outfitting experience during the many years he hunted with well known hunters. Jacques is not just an experienced hunter but an avid farmer, he specializes in improving trophy quality as well as service.

CSA offers a complete hunting experience, not just in South Africa, but in various countries like Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique and Namibia, to name a few. In addition to various Private as well as National and Provincial Park concessions, CSA have two of their own game farms, Kalahari Oryx situated among the mesmerising red dunes of the Kalahari and Clifton Estates, proudly situated in the towering mountains of the Eastern Cape.

Clifton Estates Chapungu

Clifton Estates is a 22 000 acre Private Game Reserve. The Sundays River meanders through this reserve and hosts a huge variety of plains and big game species.

The flagship estate, Kalahari Oryx is a 180 000 acre reserve in the Northern Cape's unspoiled beauty. In addition to most species of 'Plains Game', which includes Sable and Roan, also offers Cape Buffalo and free roaming Lions.

CSA offers personal service and an ethical and exhilarating hunting experience. They work with some of the most experienced professional hunters, trackers and skinners. CSA has a big fleet of well-equipped vehicles and an aircraft to shorten the long African trips!


Among our facilities are game farms and luxurious lodges in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique.

Our lodges reflect each country’s unique culture, cuisine and natural beauty.

With new lodges in Zimbabwe we now boast with camps at Tsholotsho, Lusulu and Kariba.

Great care is often taken in preparing the catch of the day either according to local recipes or clients’ own special requirements.

We believe our long list of returning clients speaks volumes about our emphasis on quality facilities and top class personal service.


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Clifton Estates Chapungu
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Clifton Estates Chapungu
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Our Lodges
Clifton Estates Chapungu
View Clifton
Majestically situated in the Eastern Cape - Gem of the Karoo, 2 and a half hour's drive from Port Elizabeth.
Clifton Estates Chapungu
View Kalahari Oryx
Our flagship Kalahari Oryx Game Reserve - A rare South African gem 150 000 acres in the Northern Cape.
Clifton Estates Chapungu
View LusulU
Lodzi hunters
Lusulu: the area streches along Chizirira Natioanl Park and has a 40 km boundary with the National Park.
Clifton Estates Chapungu
View Tsholotsho
Lodzi hunters
Spanning 75Km of unfenced Hwange National Park border. A real giant of an area filled with unlimited African Elephant potential. We are boasting an excellent partnership and community relationship in Zimbabwe.
Clifton Estates Chapungu
View Lake Kariba
Lake Kariba is the world's largest artificial lake and reservoir by volume. It lies 1300 kilometers upstream from the Indian Ocean, along the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Elephant, hippopotamus and crocodile can be hunted in this area.
Clifton Estates Chapungu
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Clifton Estates Chapungu

Our hunting safaris take you into the heart of pristine wilderness. But we believe that at the end of each day you should return to be pampered in luxury. Although we offer the best in modern day conveniences, we never alienate you from your unique African environment.

You can enjoy a relaxing sundowner in the pool or from our game viewing decks. We allow you to experience the wonder and unique colours of an African hardwood campfire, and the breathtaking sounds of the continent’s animal nightlife, while serving world class cuisine and beverages.
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Clifton Estates Chapungu

Whether you’re an individual hunter or prefer to bring your family along - we will ensure that you and your entourage enjoy the best possible service.

We have a range of different suites to choose from, each with its own spacious full bathroom.

Rooms are equipped with climate control and mosquito nets. In winter or summer comfort is guaranteed.

No request is too difficult, and we will go out of our way to cater for each client’s individual needs.
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Clifton Estates Chapungu

Regardless of where in the world you are, with Chapungu an African hunting expedition can be within your reach.

We have access to a Premier Jet and a fleet of other chartered aircraft, including a range of chartered helicopters. We take the hassle out of traveling and make it part of the adventure.

Once here, our range of specialist 4x4 vehicles, tested and modified for our different environments, can take you to within close proximity of targeted animals, and allow you to explore our untouched natural wilderness.

We never have to stop when the road does...

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