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June 2014 - Chapungu & Kambako Safaris Joint Venture


We are extremely pleased to announce, effective from 1 June 2014 a ‘Joint Marketing Partnership’ between Chapungu Safaris Africa and Kambako Safaris Mozambique. By combining our values, passions and over 40 years' experience, we know we will be able to provide a wider array of exciting hunting opportunities, and to share the true African experience with you, our valued client.

Our Companies and Operations will continue under the same names and brands as before but the amalgamation of our resources will improve our business and marketing skills. Between our two companies we have seen considerable growth and success resulting from our uniquely situated hunting areas and loyal client bases We believe Chapungu Safaris Africa and Kambako Safaris Mozambique are at the forefront of the Safari Industry in our respective countries and we will strive for excellence by investing in the necessary training and development of our staff. The safaris, hunts and services that we have provided you with in the past will continue to be offered, plus more.

We welcome Elzabe Opperman as our new Marketing and Advertising Manager and in her team is Michelle Cliffe who is our new Sales Manager and you will be hearing from them regularly in the future. All our other staff will retain their current roles and contact details.

Please note, that our fee structure, pricing and office locations will remain unchanged at this stage. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any one of us at any time.

We are grateful for the opportunity to do business with you, as well for your loyalty and friendship, which has enriched our relationship. We look forward to talking to you and continuing to do business with you and we are very confident that our new affiliation will serve us all well.

Yours Sincerely


Kambako Safaris

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