The Hunt

Chapungu Hunting

Africa is home to most of the dangerous big game species.

Our skilled and capable PH’s (professional hunters), trackers and support staff will bring you to within close proximity of these fascinating creatures in their natural habitat, giving a unique edge to our hunts without ever compromising safety.

Proximity ensures success, making each hunt an exhilarating experience.

Among the wide range of animals found on our game farms are Lions, Elephants, Leopards, Cape buffalo’s, Hippos, Crocodiles, Eland, Kudu, Sables, Waterbuck, Zebras, Cape Mountain Zebras, Oryx, Red Hartebeest, Bontebok, Red Lechwe, Nyala, Impala, Mountain Reedbuck, Black-, Copper-, White- and Common Springbuck, Duikers, Klipspringers, Steenbuck, Bush Pigs and Warthogs.

Non-hunters and observers in the company are certainly not neglected and are given a true safari experience.

The Experience

As a visitor to Africa you will leave your footprints here and take back unforgettable memories in return.

At Chapungu we allow you to make those memories a little bit more tangible. Our professional videographer and photographer will document your hunt, allowing you to keep your experience alive and to share it with others.

Allow this magical continent to make an enduring impression on your spirit!

Chapungu Hunting
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